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The Wonderful Things Blog Tour

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I am so excited to be part of this tour! If you aren't sure what a 'blog tour' is, let me explain. The very clever Bonnie Christine organised a group of bloggers from all walks of creative life to showcase her fabric line 'Wonderful Things'. So many amazing creative people sharing their talents and showcasing how many different uses there are for fabrics from a particular line. You can find the full run down of all the talented makers here.

It has been a while since I have had the time to do something creative that was outside of Thomas Pie and it felt amazing to sit down and sew some new clothes for Tom using the Splendid Oak Ink knit fabric. We were allowed to choose the fabric we used for our project and I couldn't go past this graphic number. Very much my style!

One thing I really admire about Bonnie is her ability to add in some graphic designs with her almost etherial floral work. I love the contrast between the colours and textures in this collection. It feels light and colourful without being too busy.

I was planning on making Tom a patchwork style long sleeve top out of this, but then Brindille and Twig released some new patterns and I couldn't go past raw hems and a drop tail tee! I have been a long time fan of B & T patterns  and am sad that Tom is at the top end of their size scale. You can find the patterns I used - Edgy Tee & Edgy Bottoms - here.

And, this is the result. 

Edgy Pants and Shorts

I have always loved working with Art Gallery knits. They are buttery soft and a dream to sew. They wear incredibly well - especially in kids clothing and last wash after wash.

Mid winter break at the beach

It may be the middle of winter here, but I am so glad that I could snap some photos of Tom at the beach this weekend in his new gear. It passed his seal of approval and will become a staple in his wardrobe.

Tom at the beach

I am a sucker for kids clothes that are quick and easy to sew up but more importantly are easy to wear. Tom lets me dress him still and when asked by his Grandmother this week why he is so handsome (rhetorical question) he quipped back with 'because my Mum dresses me so well'. Long live Mum being able to dress you buddy!

These knits are the perfect weight for clothing like this. They are light and soft with a beautiful drape and super delicate for sensitive skin. Knit clothing offers so much freedom for kids to be able to explore and be comfortable and not be restricted by their clothing.

I am so glad I got to work with this amazing fabric house again. I love that my work allows me to engage with people like Bonnie and through a shared passion, I can share my creativity in a way I haven't been able to for far too long! I am feeling inspired to get back behind the sewing machine and spend some time finishing some of those projects that have been on the to do list for longer than I care to admit.

Thanks for stopping by to see my work, and please make sure you head over to Teresa's page next to see what this incredibly talented lady has been up too!

For more details on the blog tour make sure you head over to Bonnie's Instagram @goinghometoroost and check out the hashtags below. Happy sewing friends xx



  • Maxie Ramey on

    Well, Tom is as cute as pie, so you should name your blog accordingly ;) What a great outfit, and I love those raw hems, too!

  • Bonnie Christine on

    Oh Tom! My goodness he IS handsome. I need to make this set for Bear, too! Honored to have you on the tour, Amy. Thank you so much for your sweet words! xo

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